Why do people love New York Style Optometry?

“Great crew, great service, the biggest eyeglasses selection in the valley and reasonable price tags for everything!

I definitely found the store I’ll visit for everything I need when it comes to Eyewear.

And again, the costumer service is 10/10 , thank you so much!!”

– Oz P.


“Went in for an eye exam & to get fitted for contacts & glasses. Dr. Chae & her team are personable, thorough & incredibly helpful. They have a great selection of frames including designer frames at a great price. And actually spent time helping me find the best frames for my face. Would definitely recommend to my family & friends & I look forward to coming back for my next eye exam! Thanks Dr. Chae.”

– Ryan K.


“They called me back after some of the paperwork i submitted needed further tests and scheduled an appointment for me, i previously left a bad review i might have judged the dr. there too quickly, they were still nice after my previous review and i really appreciate that, just for them reading reviews and addressing complaints means something to me!”

– Yousef H.


“Dr. Chae is so kind and awesome! I got a trial of contacts here, and a pair of armani glasses and they look sweet! A wide variety of glasses, including asian fit, and a very professional staff! couldn’t recommend anyone more!”

– Nhan N.


“I love Dr. Chae and her entire staff! I have been going there for years now and they never ever disappoint! They have an excellent selection for faces and styles of all kind, although I am partial to their designer choices (especially the Persols.) I’m Korean so I have a rounder face and a button nose, and they are so great at helping me find glasses that fit me. I also have severe astigmatism and near sightedness and I love that I can trust Dr. Chae with my eyes. She is always so warm, kind, professional, and goes out of her way to serve her customers. My entire family now goes to Dr. Chae and we all have bought glasses and sunglasses from her. I wholeheartedly recommend this place!”

– Stacy N.


“Dr. Chae is the most amazing, caring, and knowledgeable optometrist you could ever ask for! She is so incredibly sweet and helpful, and her staff is super competent and also really sweet and helpful. The one-star reviews are ridiculous. I can’t possibly imagine any of those scenarios ever happening at this office! Everyone has never been anything but incredible to me and the other customers in the store while I’ve been there! I just went in for another visit today and my exam was easy, comfortable, and fun as always! Dr. Chae did everything she could for me so I could afford the glasses I really wanted. I can’t thank her enough! She is really amazing!!!”

– Yuan N.


“So, the time finally came when I had to go get an eye exam (getting old is not fun). Searched through my insurance to see who I could see and NY Style came up (1 star by default). After reading some reviews & checking to see that it’s pretty close to my work, I set an appointment. For the next day. Great that I could be accommodated so quickly (2 stars). Was greeted immediately upon walking in & filled out my form – note: one form, yes! – and waited a few more mins to begin the easy part of the visual exam. At this point I mentioned that I did not want my eyes dilated for that part and was told, “No problem. There is another option if you want to check your eyes, but you don’t have to do it if you’re not comfortable”. Um, elevated to 3 stars at this point. Thank you Abigail for not pressuring me or making me feel like a bad patient! Finally met Dr. Chae and she is great. I mean that. Really down to earth, funny, smart, and explains it all. Plus, she double checked my insurance to see what would be my best bet as far as getting glasses (4 stars). After the exam, both Dr. Chae & Abigail made the horror of choosing glasses super easy. Really. I was done within 20 mins (5 stars).
If you’re in the valley, this is a great place. Plus, the Korean grocery store next door is amazing and worth a field trip in itself.

– Nat X.


“The person who helped me (Leondra) was super nice and helpful. She was patient with me and I never felt rushed or anything. I love when the workers are patient and friendly. They make you feel much more relaxed. She pretty much took me around the store and showed me the different brands and frame shapes. I tried on Versace, Ray Bans, Prada, Tory Burch, and Salavatore Ferragamo.”

– Dania Isamar L.


“It’s hard to price since if you have insurance, you’ll pay different than the retail sticker, etc…with my insurance, everything from services to glasses were comparable to other places.

I would absolutely recommend this location for your eye care and they now have two new customers that will be back.”

– Lynn L.


“New York Style Optometry is class A. Their facility is clean and crisp, and their customer service is professional with a very knowledgable staff. Dr. Chae is so very personable that you forget you’re talking to a professional. My experience was awesome. I purchased the latest Channel prescription frames and they are gorgeous! I wish I could post a picture but I won’t get them for 2 weeks. Very pleased consumer here.”

– Chery L.


“I would definitely recommend this place to other people! They take ANY type of insurance (I believe) as my girl has had multiple types throughout the years and they’ve been good with it. Frames are extremely cheap and below market price for some, actually!”

– John V.


“The facility is extremely clean and has great natural lighting. There is an extensive selection of frames and color contacts to choose from. Some ladies love their handbags and shoes, I love my Chanel and Miu Miu glasses! Tonight I picked out a pair of Dita sunglasses and Dita eyeglass frames to add to my collection. (Dr. Chae, please don’t tell my mom I splurged-lol) I have been going to Dr. Chae for years and don’t trust anyone else. So, go get your eyes checked, eat Korean BBQ, and get your groceries at the Korean Market. Now that sounds like a triple threat. Thank you Dr. Chae for your dedication to serving our community. YOU ARE THE BEST!”

– Nat K.