Know All About Glasses and Frame Care

Know All About Glasses and Frame Care

It is an undeniable fact that people visit the eye doctor only when they are in serious trouble. Who likes to wear glasses? But what we do not know is that if we are cautious at the very beginning, we can save a lot of trouble and the use of glasses especially in cases of children.

Once you visit the eye specialist, he/she checks out all the various aspects of vision and only if necessary recommends glasses. Today most people are at a computer more time either working, playing, chatting and even watching movies. Hence the eyes are experiencing more strain than usual and here comes the need for wearing glasses not only because you have vision problems or headaches, but also as preventative eye care.

Types of glasses

Today various types of glasses are offered at the stores to meet the demands of various kinds of needs of patients. Apart from the regular lenses you will get specialized lens like:

Custom filters or tints

Computer prescription glasses

Anti-glare coated glasses

Specialty computer progressive lenses.

You can select frames of your glasses from the well known brands such as Gucci, Ray-Ban, Tiffany, Prada, Oakley, Tory Burch and others. But simply purchasing expensive frames and lenses is not enough for eye care. You need to maintain your glasses and take care of them properly to get perfect vision when you wear them.

Tips for glasses and frame care

Always rinse your glasses off with clean water before wiping or cleaning them for even the tiniest particles of dust or dirt can settle on the lens and by wiping it dry, there are chances of abrasion and scratches.

If you prefer to use sprays or cleaners, use the ones that are specifically prepared for cleaning lenses. Household cleaners should never be used.

It is best to allow the glasses to air dry. This is one great way of keeping away any kinds of materials from getting on to the lens. Or else, you can wipe them dry with a soft, clean and lint-free cloth.

When washing or wiping your glasses hold the frame well so that it does not slip from your hand. Use only 100% cotton cloth and specially-made cloth for cleaning and caring glasses and frames only.

The best way to protect your glasses is to keep them in a protected box and not keep them open.

Following certain rules of glasses and frame care, you can easily use your glasses for a long time.